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Our Printed Architectural Glass offers advanced techniques and technologies for Architects and Interior Designers in the North East. Glass is increasingly being used as a decorative material to create new and unique interior and exterior surface designs. The colours are beautiful and vibrant, as well as functional, sustainable, and cost-effective.

Digital ceramic printing on glass also eliminates the typical constraints of traditional screen printing and UV digital printing


This technology enables a high degree of customization which is suitable for long and short runs. We create printed architectural glass designs that are extremely durable and resistant to internal and external conditions.

With digital ceramic printing on glass, we can print any design your clients might imagine. We can produce architectural glass panels of almost any size with complete predictability, repeatability, and accurate colour matching.


Digital ceramic printing on glass lets architects and interior designers integrate functional performance into the glass elements of their designs.

With ceramic inks, numerous performance factors can be achieved and controlled, including light diffusion, light transmission, energy efficiency, shading control, slip-resistance and privacy levels.

In addition, digitally printed glass is a recyclable and non-toxic material when using inks that are free of toxic heavy metals, thus offering a sustainability advantage that is an increasingly important consideration in many architectural projects

Get creative with walls

Why settle for average walls, when almost any wall can be a work of art? Ceramic Ceramic digital glass printing lets you create spectacular printed glass wall coverings to decorate any room in your home, office or commercial space

With our digital ceramic glass printing technology you can design unique, decorative wall coverings that combine design with high image quality and durability, to make any space a special place



Digital Ceramic Printing is ideal for architectural and interior design applications, ranging from the largest building facades and curtain walls to kitchen backsplashes, shower walls, and even glass furniture. The list is virtually endless:

  • Signage
  • Retail
  • Store fronts
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Facades
  • Partition and room dividers
  • Interior wall cladding
  • Shower walls, doors and screens
  • Backspashes
  • Counter/work tops
  • Balustrades and Balconies
  • Elevator interiors
  • Corporate offices
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Sport venues
  • Exhibition pieces
  • Wall Art & photographs
  • Furniture
  • Windows & doors
  • Advertising

At A Glance, You Can

  • Use ANYWHERE -

  • Exterior and interior durability. Ceramic ink resistance after tempering is equal to glass resistance.

  • With ANY DESIGN -

  • Personalized, opaque, transparent and textured-look effects. Micro-drop precision enables highly detailed, accurate photorealistic and graphic designs and gradients

  • For ANY NEED -

  • Any aesthetic requirements and a wide range of functional applications. Micro-drop precision supports light diffusion, light transmission, energy efficiency, sun control, temperature control, privacy levels and other functional requirements.

  • Using ANY COLOR -

  • Multi-colour printing in a single pass. Digital in-glass printing technology enables truly limitless multi-colour designs with ceramic ink durability.

  • At ANY SIZE -

  • From small panes to building facades, with perfect-registration multi-pane printing. Modular printer hardware and advanced printing software enable simple and flexible printing on glass panes up to 1500mm x 3000mm


  • Full resistance to weather and chemicals. Ceramic inks fused into the glass stand up to harsh weather conditions and are scratch and acid-resistant, ideal for exposed, high-traffic and graffiti-prone situations.


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Glass Characteristics

Safety First

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Toughened glass is used when strength, thermal resistance, and safety are important considerations.

The glass is placed onto a roller table, taking it through a furnace that heats it well above its transition temperature of 564 °C (1,047 °F) to around 620 °C (1,148 °F). The glass is then rapidly cooled with forced air drafts while the inner portion remains free to flow for a short time.


What is UV Stable?

UV stability is defined as the ability of a material to resist ultra violet (UV) light or sunlight. UV light, or sunlight, will cause non-resistant materials and surfaces to fade or discolor.

Our UV-stable ink is ceramic printed into the glass, meaning the print won't scratch or fade; the colours remaining the same for at least 20 years.


Our Glass Won't Fade

Colour Fastness is a property of a colourant such as a pigment that describes how resistant to fading it is when exposed to light. Pigments are used in the manufacturing of our printing inks. Our inks are printed into the glass and won't fade; the colours remaining the same for at least 20 years.


Hard Wearing & Scratch Proof

Unlike other forms of glass printing which use surface coatings, our ceramic inks are printed directly into the glass.


Beautiful Polished Surface

Your finalised project is then checked for imperfections, cleaned, and polished before being delivered to yourself, or put into safe store for your collection.


Finnishing Touches

We can offer ??? styles of edging so that it's aesthetically pleasing, safe, and smooth to the touch.