Professional Printed Glass Design Service or DIY?

Our talented and motivated printed glass design team are available to customers to help create their vision.  They’ll remain on hand throughout the design, production, and installation stages of your project. We can also design seamless glass panels to cover large areas of almost any size with complete predictability and accurate colour matching.

For further information on our design service, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0191 418 1241. Alternatively, you can use our Contact Us form.

Should you wish to create your own design we’ve outlined a few things below to help you on your way.

Creating Your Own Artwork

Photographic Images (Bitmap)

We can use any image that is produced with Adobe Photoshop or a digital camera though traditional artwork requires professional photography to ensure the most accurate colour reproduction.

Photographs should be supplied at the largest size possible, in RGB colour space. We require images to have a resolution of 300dpi with all layers unlocked.

You should supply files using the following formats: TIFF, JPEG or PSD.

Graphic Images (Vector)

You can use a programme such as Adobe Illustrator to produce some stunning graphics though it does incur a steep learning curve. The main benefit of using Adobe Illustrator is that the graphics can be scaled without loss of resolution.

Keep your artwork neatly organised into named layers for easy separation, as we often need to apply printer settings to these objects.

Graphic files should be supplied at the largest size possible, in an RGB colour space. We require graphics to have a resolution of 300dpi with all layers unlocked and text converted to outlines, or the text files supplied should we need to edit the text for you.

You should supply files using the following formats: EPS, AI or PDF.


Nearly all colours can be reproduced on glass, with one exception…shades of neon. This colour ranges for ceramic inks are created using highly toxic chemicals that are not legal for manufacturing in the UK. If your image has these colours present, we can still print it, however the colour will shift and lose its vibrancy. For this reason we recommend choosing images without bright neon colours.

Image Advice


Sourcing a high quality image should be given plenty of time and consideration as the finished result is ultimately determined by the quality of the image you choose.

Sourcing a high resolution photograph from a professional photographer or image library will ensure colours and details are reproduced clearly, without any blur and pixilation.

Our Stock Images

We have a library of stock images and patterns that are freely available to our customers. You can view the images Here.

Image Libraries

If you don't already have an image, there are many online image libraries to choose from. Google images is not one of them!

Image Libraries provide a large range image styles and subjects. When purchasing an image online, always select the highest available resolution and file size.

To get you started, we have listed a few of the most popular:

Image Orientation

Splashbacks are typically long and thin, so ensure you select an image with a similar height and width ratio to that of your splashback size.