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Antiqued Mirrors

Printed Antiqued Mirrors

Distressed mirrors add a unique and striking focal point to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Mirrors have long been used to create light and the impression of space so providing an elegant finishing touch to any room.

You can customise every aspect of your mirror, including colour, tint and degree of distressing.

Whether you require one for your shop, showroom, hotel, office or for residential use, we will custom make products to your individual requirements.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

All of our Printed Distressed Mirrors have the following features:

  • Hygienic and durable, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Drill holes, sockets and switch cut-outs available.
  • Any size, any shape.
  • Made in the UK and conforms to all British standards.
  • Custom designs.
  • Polished edges all round.

For further information on our distressed mirror range, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0191 418 1241 or, alternatively, you can use our Contact Us form.

Got an Idea?

If you can think of an idea to incorporate glass, then we will help you to make it a reality.

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