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Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades have become incredibly popular in both commercial and domestic environments and offer a safe and aesthetically pleasing inclusion for any home, office or public area.

Part of the appeal of the glass balustrade is that it allows you to have a safe and secure glass panel which looks stunning and opens up an area which is perfect in so many situations – including balconies, mezzanine floors, walkways, decking and bridges.

Frameless glass balustrades provide a durable, modern accent to homes and workspaces and can be a real design feature. Balustrades can be manufactured to a specific height and structural requirements dependent on the load required.

We use the latest in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) which enables us to meet our customer’s exact needs and requirements for their glass balustrades which are fully compliant with British Standards and Building Regulations.

You can view a summary of these Building Regulations here.

Printed Glass Balustrades

If you are looking for something a little more unique that will bring more personality to your interior or exterior then why not have your balustrade glass panels digitally printed?

Our design team are here to help you choose your perfect artwork. You can have anything from photographs, illustrations, patterns and colours. We can use gradients and effects to make your glass more private or work with colour to bring natural beauty to your garden when sunlight shines through.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

All of our Glass and Printed Glass Balustrades have the following features:

  • Hygienic and durable, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Toughed to BS EN 12150.
  • Survey and Installation available.
  • Polished edges.
  • Any shape and any size.
  • Any image and any design.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

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Got an Idea?

If you can think of an idea to incorporate glass, then we will help you to make it a reality.

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