Printed Glass Partitions

Our printed glass partitions have many advantages in the workplace. You are now able to divide commercial spaces whilst creating visual backdrops to dull spaces. Glass panels can offer maximum natural light throughout workplaces making them an ideal solution for meeting rooms and office areas. Glass partitions can be installed for quiet work or private meeting areas, as a result, it makes clients and staff feel more comfortable. Our bespoke partition systems come customised to suit your style. Because of DipTechs latest technology, we can now digitally print artwork and signage into glass. In other words, unlike regular vinyl which tends to peel off after a year, we can now guarantee long-lasting results. Since the release of modern printing technology, DipTech has now allowed businesses the opportunity to promote their brand in-house or make spaces more private.

Our seamless glass panels are designed to cover large areas of almost any size. We can now print with complete predictability and accurate colour matching whilst creating a beautiful office environment.

Consequently, digital in-glass printing technology now enables truly limitless multi-colour designs with ceramic ink durability. All of our glass partitions are UV-stable which means no fading for over 20 years even if installed in direct sunlight.

Room Dividers

Additionally, if you are looking to divide spaces and improve privacy you can also create meeting areas with free-standing glass partitions and room dividers.

Finally, all of our glass is edged, polished and toughened to BS EN 12150 standard.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

Our Printed Glass Office Products has the following features:

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Toughened glass that meets British Safety Standards BS EN 12150
  • All edges are polished.
  • Any shape and any size.
  • Any image or design.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency

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