Digitally Printed Glass vs. Stained Glass

There are few sights more stunning as a full mosaic of stained glass or the delicate lattice-work of etched glass.

Though they are both beautiful in their complexity, it’s this intricacy that comes at a high cost.

Also, the cost of just replacing a single glass pane can be prohibitive. Stained glass also needs regular maintenance such as re-grouting of the glass panels, and re-leading of the mosaic itself.

While once a laborious process, today, creating stained glass windows using digital printing techniques is easier and more cost-effective. As a result, stained glass is becoming a beautiful, viable option for a number of architectural projects.

Add a unique element to your commercial property or home

Modern structures, from office buildings to restaurants, and even private homes, are now taking advantage of digital ceramic glass printing technology to create stunning and original stained glass windows of all sizes, at a lower cost than the traditional method.

Whether it’s a detailed pattern, a geometric design, or a photo-realistic image, print on glass can achieve the results you desire. Ceramic digital glass printing technology makes it possible to create windows and vintage elements of all sizes in contemporary, traditional, and abstract styles.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

All of our Printed Stained Glass has the following features:

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency.
  • Light Penetration & Filtration
  • Toughened glass that meets British Safety Standards BS EN 12150
  • Any shape, any size.
  • Any image, any design.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

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