Inspiration - The Bank Saint Petersburg

The Bank Saint Petersburg

Boasting a futuristic exterior, the Bank Saint Petersburg building nevertheless stands as a reminder of a grand past. To represent longtime banking experience continuing in the 21st century, Architects SPEECH Tchoban & Kuznetsov Architects used extensive glass cladding on walls, columns, elevator doors and other elements inside the bank's public spaces.

More than 2,000 glass elements were printed with sepia-toned photos of well-known local banks and of 18th, 19th and 20th century monuments to create the appearance of a banking district street from the past.

Dip-Tech's Ceramic digital glass printing process ensured accurate photorealistic images and enabled a seamless effect across huge areas. In the lobby, the amber glow of the light-reflecting glass integrates perfectly with the natural stone floor and granite plinth.

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With our digital ceramic glass printing technology you can design unique, decorative wall coverings that combine design with high image quality and durability, to make any space a special place.

Washington Art Glass can produce large decorative glass installations with continuous images across multiple panes and achieve finely detailed imagery with high-resolution printing up to 1440dpi.



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