Inspiration - The Glass Chain

The Glass Chain

In 2017 architecture and research practice Space Popular unveiled its UK debut, The Glass Chain, a unique installation for Sto Werkstatt’s gallery in Clerkenwell that explored an alternative future for glass in architecture, inspired by the legacy of The Glass Chain.

The title "The Glass Chain" is a reference to the infamous exchange of letters by a group of German architects from 1919-1920 fantasising about the innumerable possibilities of this incredible material.

Sto Werkstatt approached Space Popular, a multidisciplinary design and research practice led by architects Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg, to redefine the limitations of the material and imagine its bright, colourful, and energising possibilities – encouraging us to visualise a new purpose for glass in building design.

The practice created a folded structure of 21 opaque glass panels covered in intricate abstract patterns. The architects made the patterns using 3D computer modelling, working on different panels alongside each other so that they were always aware of each other’s designs. From a 3D image, they produced a flattened, 2D version which was printed onto the panels with ceramic ink. The printed colour was then fused with the glass during the toughening process.

What you see is a kaleidoscope of colour that demands your attention.

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Lara Lesmes and Fredrik Hellberg


Ben Blossom © Space Popular


Sto Werkstatt

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