About Washington Art Glass

When Washington Art Glass was formed in 2017, it was set up specifically to cater to the glass market in the North East. Just a few years on we are now manufacturing and printing glass for homeowners and businesses all across the UK. So with clients based in the North-East, York, Leeds, London and surrounding areas the popularity of glass art is on the rise. Interior designers can now offer bespoke glass printed products including photographic splashbacks, illustrated shower screens and ceramic print wall art. DipTechs long-lasting and vibrant ceramic inks enable us to offer glass durability, with specialized ink functionality and enhanced design capabilities.

We are proud to be one of a few companies across Europe that can now ceramic print into the glass. Since the release of DipTechs cutting-edge glass printing process, our aim now is to revolutionise the interior design and commercial and domestic markets across the UK.

In order to do this, we have made a significant investment in our state-of-the-art machinery. With fully trained glass technicians and an in-house design team, we are now able to provide specialised glass art. Quality is the most important priority when it comes to printing onto glass. Our team will be on hand the whole step of the way we can ensure that your design will be sharp, vibrant and have a photographic finish every time. 


With Diptech technology we can offer 100% guaranteed no fading for over 20 years whereas standard vinyl lasts for 5 years and under before it starts to peel off. 

Our parent company, Sekura Ltd, is one of the largest glass processors in the North East. They have an extensive range of products including PVCu windows and doors, GRP composite doors, GRP composite fire doors, fully reversible and tilt and turn windows which make them a market leader in their field. 

  • Glass Processing

    Washington Art Glass is a cutting-edge art glass processing company in the North East; we use digital ceramic printing to print onto the glass. The glass is safety-toughened and the image is UV-stable and scratch-proof; high resolution with vibrant colours.

  • Professional Design Service

    Our experienced design department can help our customers produce stunning works of art. We can also produce seamless glass panels to cover large areas.

  • Installation

    Our expert surveyors and fitters are available to measure and install your glass panels for you.

  • Bespoke Sizes and Shapes

    Using our state-of-the-art Computerised Numerical Cutting machine (CNC) we are able to offer bespoke glass cutting with almost limitless possibilities.

  • Product Diversity

    We offer an extensive product range to suit, amongst others, homeowners, architects, interior designers, photographers and artists.

  • Commercial

    • Partition and room dividers
    • Signage
    • Fascades
    • Store fronts
    • Interior wall cladding
    • Corporate offices
    • Retail
    • Museums
    • Hospitals
    • Sport/entertainment venues
  • Domestic

    • Backspashes
    • Counter/work tops
    • Wall Art
    • Shower doors and screens
    • Clocks
    • Table/table tops
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  • Technology

    Our purpose built production facility houses some of the latest glass processing equipment giving us the ability to manufacture our own glass products to the highest quality and precision including:

  • Diptech Nevia D Digital Ceramic Printer

    The most advanced and versatile glass printing machine available. With thousands of possible colours, 1440dpi resolution and the ability to control precisely the ink thickness, Washington Art Glass offers our customers unrivalled opportunities to reproduce designs of the highest order.

  • Bavolloni 330 CNC Machine

    The N330 work centre allows for all kinds of processing: cutting, edging, milling and drilling etc.

  • Glaston R Series Tempering Machine

    The R Series is designed to process all temperable glass types. It can be configured to meet even the highest capacity requirements with different convection options.

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  • If you can immagine it, we can print it.

    Feel free to express yourself. Our talented design team are on hand to guide you through your project.

  • Unlimited Scope

    Be it an office partition, exhibition piece, or a simple spashback, no two days are ever the same at our plant. The possibilities are endless - the only limit is our customers' imagination.

    Washington Art Glass' digital in-glass printing solutions are unique in combining digital printing versatility and ceramic ink durability.

    We provide an unmatched and proven solution for all exterior and interior glass printing applications.

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Meet Our Team

Our labour force comprises of a dedicated team with vast knowledge of their trade. Our reputation for reliability, customer service, project management & organisational skills results in a high quality finish which is the key to our success.